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Best Container Van in Bataan For Every Business

UPHIL containers understands that every shipper needs a unique solution. Not every business is comfortable with LCL shipment as it may not be ideal for them, for instance, an antique dealer. Moreover, your load may always be of one particular size, and it may vary with demand. And hence, we cater container solutions as per your need. To address this issue of varying volumes, we have introduced a wide range of container vans.

We offer top-quality new and used shipping container vans for sale. We have a wide range of container vans available to match your business needs. From a compact 6ft container van to a spacious 45ft container van, from a flat rack container to an open-top container, we have it all.

About Shipping Containers in Bataan, PH

Bataan is a province on the Philippine island of Luzon. Shipwrecks and coral reefs dot the waters of Subic Bay, off its northwest coast. Farther south, marine turtles are hatched at the Pawikan Conservation Center. A towering memorial cross and a shrine commemorating WWII’s Battle of Bataan crown Mount Samat in central Bataan. On the east coast, birdlife thrives in the Balanga City Wetland and Nature Park.

Quick purchase in 3 easy steps

Well, that’s easy! Simply follow the process below and you’re good to go!


1. Size selection

Select the container size you are interested in

2. State selection

Select the condition and configuration you are interested in

3. Leave a request

Leave a request and get a detailed description of the price and delivery terms

We deliver all over Bataan

Our warehouse in Bataan supplies shipping containers all over the city, as well as the areas surrounding it. Because of our wide network of trusted vendors, we can deliver the right container to you even at the strictest deadline.

So, what are you waiting for? Get A Quote today to buy a new or used shipping container in Albay.

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Best Container Van in Bataan For Every Business

Apart from cargo shipping, our shipping containers are used by various businesses for their different needs. Recycling old container van and using it again has become a popular trend as it is economical and environment friendly too. A container van could be turned into other functional structures like


  • Container Van Home

  • Swimming pool

  • Affordable housing

  • Mobile office

  • Restaurants or food trucks

  • Garage

  • Storage room

  • Medical emergency facility

We Are The Best Among The Rest : Because We Offer

UPHIL Containers has been a nationwide supplier of new and used containers in the United States for five years. We guarantee high-quality containers and the reliability of our services. Below you will find a list of benefits that you will get by choosing us:

Guarantee of Quality With Each

Customer-Centric Policies

Timely Updates

24/7/365 Helpline

Best Rates

Customer-Centric Policies

Verified Seller

Secure Online Payments

Phishing Protection

Hassle-Free Delivery Assurance

How much does it cost to ship a container in Bataan?

The container van for sale in Bataan begins at $2000 and ranges anywhere up to $4000 varying by the shipping destination and container size. The Philippines is regarded as a middle power in terms of economic standing due to its massive population of 100 million people. They have the world’s 37th largest export economy, with the United States as one of its most important trading partners. Fruit, electronics, textiles, and semiconductors are among the country’s top exports. Primarily used container vans for sale in Bataan are repurposed into amazing new living spaces and offices.

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Container Buyer’s Guide

From buying the right container to preparing your site for delivery, we’ll help you avoid the frustrations and unknowns when buying a container.

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