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New/Used Shipping Containers for Sale and Delivery Worldwide

New/Used Shipping Containers for Sale and Delivery World Wide

For the best pricing on new and used shipping containers for sale and delivery, turn to Uphil Containers. Our extensive network of offices and warehouses allows us to serve customers from anywhere in the world. As a result, both individuals and companies like us.

Our containers, which come in a range of sizes and forms, are sturdy, secure, and weatherproof, making them a great option for both storage and transit. In order to make shipping containers easier to move, we offer supply chassis in a variety of sizes.

In addition to new and used containers, we also offer inexpensive broken shipping containers, which are a great option for DIY projects and alterations. Any container can be changed to meet the needs of our clients thanks to our talented staff.

Call us right away at ((254)5312151); we are available all over the world and constantly strive to provide our customers with services of unwavering quality and attention.

Proud Member of


National Portable Storage Association


National Trader Dealers Association


Intermodal Association of North America

Our Services

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Sale of Container, Chassis and Genset

We offer high-quality containers, chassis, and gensets at competitive prices and sales

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Delivery of containers

We ensure the delivering quality containers at 100% traceability to satisfy you

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